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Susi Díaz has been the owner and chef of La Finca Restaurant for 35 years. From a young age, she was always in the kitchen, thanks to her two grandmothers, who taught her the importance of effort and tenacity. Without ever setting foot in a culinary school, she is proud of being self-taught, an aspect of her work that has led her to achieve a widespread professional reputation and critical acclaim. Her menu features citrus, herbs, and flowers grown in her garden, which are accompanied by fish and seafood native to the surrounding region. Her creativity and innovation in the kitchen is evidenced by the way she combines traditional flavours with the latest trends in international cuisine. All of this has led her to obtain, and maintain every year since 2006, a Michelin star and two suns in the Repsol guide.

Susi Díaz has worked with several different television and radio programs, such as "A Vivir Que Son Dos Días", on Spanish radio network Cadena Ser, "Proteína marina" and "Si Las Quieres Las Comes", on Spanish cooking channel Canal Cocina, and "Top Chef" on Spanish television channel Antena3. In 2009, her restaurant received the Restaurant of the Year award from the "AlmanaqueGastrónomico" (a gastronomic guide and almanac for the Valencia region of Spain). The year 2011 saw the release of her first recipe book, "Sentidos". In 2012, she won the Innovative Professional award in her city for her values, creative qualities, and innovative capacity. In 2013 she won the prestigious "Ilicitanos en la Onda" award, a distinctive highlight in career.


"Nuestra recompensa se encuentra en el esfuerzo y no en el resultado. Un esfuerzo total es una victoria completa"
Mahatma Gandhi

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